Application Form for SUIS Gubei Secondary Campus


    Sections with* must be completed. Thank you. 带*内容为必填内容,谢谢配合
    *How do you know about us? | 您是通过什么途径了解我校的?:
    *Student's Chinese Name | 学生中文姓名: *Student's English Name | 学生英文姓名:
    *Student's Mother Tongue Language | 母语: *Gender | 性别:
    *Current Grade | 现在就读的年级: *Date of Birth | 出生年月:
    *Current School | 目前就读学校: *Grade Level applied for | 准备申请的年级:
    *Preferred Entry Date | 入读日期:
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    *If the student's nationality (as per passport) is Mainland China, the following section must be completed. Thank you.
    *Nationality(Passport) | 身份类别:
    *Parent /Guardian 1 | 家长/监护人1: *Relationship to Applicant | 与申请人的关系:
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    *Parent /Guardian 2 | 家长/监护人2: * Relationship to Applicant | 与申请人的关系:
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    Do you have any sibling(s) studying at SUIS? | 你有兄弟姐妹在我们集团下属校区上学吗?*
    If yes,which Campus | 如果是的话, 哪个校区?:    which Grade | 就读哪个年级:
    If your child is not offered a place in SUIS Gubei campus, would you wish us to transfer your child’s information to another campus in the Xiehe Organization? Please tick:* 如果您的孩子未被古北校区录取,您是否愿意我们将您孩子的信息告知协和集团其他校区?请打钩:*